Thursday, September 23, 2010

Helpless Blog-design sickness strikes again!

Short post today..well maybe it won't be my only post, but that's beside the point. I hope you all notice my beautiful new background which I figured out how to add (thanks to bethany!) and I L-O-V-E it!! problem. Where do I get a header that is worthy of this magnificent background?? I've looked all over the web..but can only find backgrounds...where does one find headers? And how could I customize it to fit my blogs needs? I've heard that all you need to do for a header is just customize a photo of yours and crop is to fit...that I can do, but what about the custom looking ones? Are they custom you have to pay for them? Anyway, I've gotta run and do chores now...but if y'all could help me with this one that would be AWESOME!! thanks sooo much!


  1. For starters, you can browse through or

    Googlng "free blog headers" would probably bring up the most!

    Was this helpfuL?

  2. yeah it did...unfortunately, I tried to add text on now it's too small for the top of the screen..I have no idea how THAT happened..but thanks for your help!