Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Bit of Everything

Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days...I've been feeling rather bogged down and uninspired lately...I would try to post, but absolutely nothing would come to me. It's a blogger's block I as to not leave you guys bored and hanging, I'm throwing a bit of everything into my stewpot today, and hoping that it tastes good, after all is said and done. Yes...I use wierd metaphors. I do have some rather awesome photography to show you, just some random-y awesome stuff. Sorry I'm so spasmodic...I'm feverishly trying to figure how to add a nice layout\template to my blog, so it looks better, but can't figure out how to embed it in my blog. ( I would greatly appreciate some tips from all you long-time bloggers!) have been promised and here they are--

Bluejay feather...I thought it was beautiful..sorry if the shots are bit blurry..I was in the car when I took these.

beautiful blossoms...

The purple came out just brilliantly.

sushi rolls are SO cute..and delicious!!


  1. Ariana ~ Lol, love the photos! The perfume bottle lighting was lovely...

    Backgrounds are easy (the hardest part is finding a background!). Find you background and code copy that, go to "Design", add a gadget on the "add a gadget" right smack under the header. Add a HTML/Java Script, paste your code in the box and save. Make sense?



  2. *groans* -- I still need to get used to my keyboard. I meant find your background...sorry folks!

  3. And on a side-note: *gag* sushi rolls? DELICIOUS??

  4. Thanks SO much bethany!! it totally makes sense...and YES sushi is delicious! To me at least...

  5. You have a beautiful smile ! And what I could read of your poem , it was really good ! Have a great day ! SARAH

  6. Lol - perhaps it is delicious - but I think I couldn't make myself eat looks weird... ;) But then, I come from down in the Texan south where they only have beef. ;)

  7. Haha, yeah I'm not brave enough to eat squid or something..mine was just a few salmon and avocado rolls..I'm not sure how would do with the more hardcore stuff! And thank you so much Sarah!