Sunday, January 23, 2011

Could it be magic?

So. Another update on my wild road to clear skin...and my goodness, has it ever been wild, and extremely emotional. This past week especially so. I have never broken down so many times about my skin before, EVER. I felt like crying all the time, my poor parents must have thought I was psychotic.
It was like I had hit complete rock bottom and despair, I have honestly never felt so depressed about my skin before, and I was just crying out to God and beggig him to somehow, some way, make it better.
Then. It actually did. I was looking at someold pictures, like from last spring, and noticed how, even when I was freaking out about my skin then, it really REALLY wasn't that bad. So I decided to switch back to what I was using then and KEEP using it NO MATTER WHAT. No switching products, no nothing.
It's been four days since I have decided to switch, and I have not regretted it. Of course I'm not back to my original clearness, but I am ALOT better than I was last week, and I will keep using it I'll keep you guys posted!!

My products:
Velocity facewash and moisturizer:

Neutrogena Alcohol-free toner:

Clean N Clear Persagel:

Now this product has ten percent benzoyl peroxide, so it is very effective, but VERY drying, so use sparingly.
and at night:

from the dermotologist :)
This seems to be the formula that works best for me, the wierd part is, the ingredients used seperately aren't really effective, but put together I believe they make a huge difference.
So that's my little update :)
I'll let you guys know how it's progressing!

Hi guys! it's actually the 24th today, so this is kind of a post script or add on note to the post I did yesterday..I didn't really get a chance to elaborate on it, since I was a bit strapped for time, so I'll do today :)
It's actually a really awesome system, I've been using it for about four\five days now, and I am MASSIVELY clear-er than I had been this time last week. I have one horny pimple on my chin that was cyst, but now has a head, but I dare not pop it, so I'm kind of just waiting until it goes away, and a couple on my forehead and like one or two on my cheeks but thats pretty much it.
Basically, my only problem is my picking habit...I definitely dont do as much as I used to, I'm working on it, especially since picking doesn't really get rid of the zits just come up later to replace them.
I havent had any new big breakouts, just tiny ones that are really easy to cover up and go away in a day or two anyways.
My goal is to get back to looking like this :

This was me in February last year...I dont think I have any makeup on...
And this :

In this one I had makeup on...But you can see the difference. I don't know WHY I ever got off that system. True, it did get a little worse in the summer, but mostly it was like this:

Wierd face I know, but I mostly broke out just on my chine and under my nose, VERY rarely on my forehead and cheeks.
My goal is to get back to that, of course it will take alot of time, but I am totally willing to be patient, now that I see that thats what works for me. I only wish I had discovered it sooner.
Oh and dont think that because my skin was clear back then that I was happy with myself. Nope.
I hated my crooked pre-braces teeth and I was still in the process of losing weight back then so I was totally a basket case about that. I wish I could have appreciated my skin, but I didnt..hindsight really is twenty twenty huh? Well, I'm on the road to recovery...and you guys are along for the ride! Fun. huh?
I'll keep yall posted!
Love (again),

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