Thursday, January 6, 2011

Drops Fallin..

Okay, first of all..I'm so sorry the video didnt work!! *sadface*
I am also very sorry for not posting in a horrible amount of time! But school started and work and life in general...and there has been a dearth of spare time. My apologies lovely readers! I hope these pictures make up for my absence :)

In case there is ANY doubt...I am completely and totally in love with my camera.

A drop of the eternal atmosphere...falling from the heavens,

Reflecting the world around them, in a gleam of refracted light.

A tiny world within itself, a globe teetering dangerously,

A thoughtful tear, fallen from the face of the sky, filled with the liquid burdens of the heavens,

Happy tears, or sad ones, who am I to say? The sky moves on, the clouds will clear, the roaring chasm will be filled.

Hanging on by one last tendril, a stuggle to survive, a primal urge to hold, to avoid being extinguished, seperated on the cold ground.

So do you guys like em? I had SO much fun taking them!! i went outside in my talls socks and crocs and took tons of pictures after the rain had stopped..I felt so photographer-ish :)
So since the video didn't work, I might as well give you the whole spiel verbally..I'm so sorry it didnt just wouldnt upload, maybe it was too long?
I have a had a long relationship with acne..haha an abusive one, i like to say :P
But, but the last eight months it's been especially rough. What I was using for the greater part of that time was the AcneFree System

Which worked okay...but not awesome. I still got zits, and it made my skin really dry,
so i used Cetaphil moisturizer
<em>Cetaphil</em> Daily Facial <em>Moisturizer</em> SPF 15
 I'm sorry the picture is so small! Anyway and that helped some, but I wasn't totally satisfied.
At night I used Epuido, a cream given to me by my dermotologist
I use it only at night, as directed :)
Since I wasn't totally happy with my routine, I decided to switch. I had heard alot of good things about the Mary Kay acne system, so I decided to give it a try :)
I'm using right now--
Mary Kay Velocity for a face wash and cleanser. They are very light and great smelling, the moisturizer can be almost too light, I supplement with the Cetaphil :)
For my acne I use the Mary Kay Acne gel
Mary Kay Acne Treatment Gel

Sorry again that it's so small! and then at night I still use the Epuido :)
So that's what I'm using right now, and so far it's been working pretty well..its only been four days, i can't wait to see where I am in a month!
Well I'm all typed out I hope ya like it :)

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