Saturday, January 22, 2011

Random FPOTD!!!

Yep. FPOTD! (Favorite Pic Of The Day), reserved for those girlie bloggers out there who simply cannot write loooooooooooong novels everyday depicting the highly awesome interestingness of their lives!
So. My favorite pic today is a self portrait, and while, in a photographical sense, isn't too amazing, but I really think it captures the essence of ME.

Like I said, not too photographically awesome, but I love it because it's so ME. The old loose tshirt, the slightly messy hair, the huge smile and happy half moon smiling eyes.
It's me in the sense that I just love being free and joyful. I will never be one of those super stylish girls who know how to pull together an outfit perfect, who straighten their hair to perfection and always wear a ton of makeup. I'm just me. I'm the girl who would be perfectly content wearing sweats or even pajamas all day long, my favorite outfits are simply tshirts and jeans, I love my sneakers and dont see a need to buy fancy "gladiator sandles" which look insanely difficult to walk in.
I'm just me, flaws and all, take me or leave me, because I don't intend on changing for anyone.
Besides, I love this photo because I think it shows the joy that God has given me. I love to laugh and smile and hug and dance. That's who I am, and I think this photo represents that :)

But on a more responsible-blogger-like note, today has been a rather interesting day :) I took all my old posters down, cut up some of my favorite calenders and arranged them on my wall in a collage like style.
On one wall there are gorgeous pictures of hummingbirds, and on the other walls there are photos done by Ansel Adams, the super amazing photographer :) I pretty much love my bedroom walls right now.
Well, that's my news! Hope you guys have a super amazing Saturday!!

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