Friday, January 28, 2011

Mhhmmm :)

So, finally, another photography post..I know i havent done one in a little bit, but life's been busy, and so have I :)
So here comes to the photos :) hope you guys like! I dont have time for much else than the photos..a few of them are special though, their the poster collages I was telling you guys about a few posts back. Their made from calenders and I love them :)

These I took in my room at the condo in orlando :)

MMM condensation is so pretty :)

Psh, random I know, but it was cool :P

Isn't it cool? Slightly lopsided, but I just LOVE hummingbirds :)

I just loved this Ansel Adams calender..wasn't he just the best photographer? I am in awe of his shots :)

And this was from a French photography calender of my mom' I want to go France looks so pretty!!
And how about the butterflies strewn all about? A nice touch huh? Anyways, now I love my walls, they are so purtay :)
I am soooo tired, so I have to go now..but I hope you guys like em!

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