Thursday, January 20, 2011

Vacations sure are...SNAZZY!

So. The continuation of the last post's vacayion pictures!! Sorry I can't get much in as far as actual TALKING...I've had a super stressful past few days and a few emotional breakdowns, and I'm working soon, so I'd rather just show you guys what our vacation was like :)

Yep. The car ride over...was very full of books.

Yep. It was a very communal trip. My sister's legs over mine...and my brother being anitsocial with his awesome earphones thingies.

And now...the pictures in Disney, in completely awesome random order!!

There's the family..lookin so goshdarnit good lookin :)

Haha look at Marly's face!! We appreciate art so much....

Annnnd there it is, our favorite rollercoaster, Mount Everest, that we rode as many times at humanly possible!!

It was so epic. Even my little sister loved it!!

I love how this looks all Inception-like..what with the road folding up? Totally awesome!

Toy story!! I loved Toy Story about you guys? I thought it was even better than the 2nd..what with Spanish Buzz? Hilarious!!

YEAH. My sister is a jamaican mickey :P

Sorry there aren't tons of pictures...I was sick alot, and my mom isn't a HUGE picture taker...but I like what we have so far...hope you guys enjoy!!
Ari :P

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