Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Day Like Chips And Salsa

Because everybody knows that chips and salsa--are totally awesome!! I just had some...and they were delicious :) But anyway, today has been pretty much like that. Sunny, I got a day off work, all the time in the world to do school and some of the other stuff I love to do--like blog!
So here come my promised pictures from vacation...unfortunately my parents wouldn't let me take my new camera to the parks, in case something happened to it, which makes sense. I took a couple of pictures on my old camera, but my mom has all the epic roller coaster pictures on her I have to wait for her to upload them!

Yes, the famous castle in Magic Kingdom.

I thought those wreaths were so cool, the way they lined up with the castle. The Christmas decor in January was a little bit wierd..they were even playing Christmas music! I mean, hello, it's after New Year's!

This is one of those pretty little gift shops in Magic Kingdom :)

Yep. Another parade that completely congests the roads and its takes like half an hour to pass through. And plays obnoxious music too. Seriously?

Who knows why they were clutching their heads? Maybe the music gave them a headache!! Haha!

So. I thought these were hilarious.

And so is this. Yeah I totally made him wear those, but it was totally worth it!!
So that was our Magic Kingdom day..more vacation pictures coming soon!
Have an awesome day!

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